Robin Kerner, PhD


Choosing a provider and beginning counseling can be a complex and difficult decision. Many people enter therapy at a time of stress or crisis and need help quickly. Some of you may just be interested in exploring the idea of talking to someone and seeing if it might be of use. Understanding the system can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. My goal is to provide you with the services you need as easily as possible.

If you are contemplating ending your marriage, I can help you navigate this process through divorce mediation. Research supports that divorce and separation are among the top three most stressful life events we can experience. Mediation provides couples with a less stressful and more cost effective option to traditional litigation and will allow you to move on with your lives in a more positive manner.

I hope my website is helpful to you and answers your initial questions about who I am and how I work. I invite you to contact me for further information on my services.